Friday, February 15, 2008

Child Training 101

What is the goal of child training?? What end result do we want? One day standing before us we want a faithful, obedient to God and His authority, responsible, self-governed ADULT.
We are raising children to one day be an adult, not a grown up child or teenager, but an adult!
So, a basic, simple principle to employ in child training is to not let your child do ANYTHING in your home that you would not let another adult do.
For instance: Would you let another adult come into your home and jump on your furniture, draw on your wall, strangle your kitten, complain about the food you served, stick their hands in your pie, or talk to you like you were worthless dung?? (BTW each of these examples are actually from real life things I have either seen or know about!)
The answer to this question should be no! And if the answer is no, then child training should be swift, immediate, and clear.
If you want your child to become an adult, make the standard adulthood, not childish folly.
I realize in our culture what passes for acceptable adult behavior has fallen so far below the standard of Christian courtesy and appropriate behavior. As Christians that only means that as we raise our children to adulthood using God's standards as our guide, our offspring will then be so capable to influence those around them because they will "shine as lights in the world." (Phil. 2:15)

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