Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kingdom Building

"As Christians, we bear the responsibility of building a social order that reflects the glory of God. This responsibility reaches into the realm of sociology, political science, and economics. The Great Commission calls for the discipleship of all nations....We are called to bring the Good News of the risen Christ to everyone and to bring all aspects of our lives under the rule of God." --from "Biblical Economics" by R.C. Sproul, Jr.

In modern American Christendom we have the proverbial cart before the horse. In order to disciple all nations, it means that first we have to be obeying God ourselves, putting all of our lives under the microscope of His Word, submitting to the truth of His word--even if it means we have to change!--and then living faithfully. As we "live our faith out through our fingertips" then all realms of life and inquiry and knowledge and endeavors will begin to take on the shape of a Christian social order and nation. THEN we will be in a position to disciple others.

--Queen lucy

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