Friday, February 29, 2008

Skin Care and Acne Helps

A great book you can borrow from the library is "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter without Me" by Paula Begoun. In it she examines every possible cosmetic company and their products. She goes over their claims to "reduce wrinkles in three days" and whether or not their products deliver upon the claims they make. If you are searching for inexpensive, yet quality skin care or makeup products that you can still use on a tight budget, check out her reviews and recommendations.You'll be surprised at how effective the basic store brands are.
Paula also has her own line of fragrance free products that she developed after years of research and of being disappointed in most of the stuff available. Find her at where you can also sign up for her online newsletter.
For those of you with household residents that are struggling with acne please learn all you can from before you go and pay $200 to see a dermatologist. The specialist told us that acne was all in our patient's head or that they were scratching! and causing it to be worse. (Did he actually study the skin in school???) We have ordered for over 2 years from the young man who began the site and been pleased with his products and customer service. Find his stuff at .
--posted by Queen Lucy

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