Thursday, March 20, 2008

A small preview...

The following is a small preview of one of the first fantasy books that I wrote. The book that this was taken from probably won't see printers anytime soon, I look at it as one of my "practice books". Writing this one helped me learn how to be descriptive, use proper dialogue, etc. My mom has been wanting me to post this excerpt for some time, and I have finally gotten around to it. Please feel free to comment on it, good or bad, because both will help me to see what others think about some of my creative writing. I can't say that this excerpt is even close to my best work, at least in my eyes, but hopefully you will still enjoy it...

They sat, all three, with their backs against the trunk of a giant oak, its scraggly branches playing out above them like tangled vines. It was more than four hours until dawn and only Grin sat awake. He had not slept at all that night, but tiredness was not on his mind. He watched the sleeping body of Adolf where it was sprawled on the grassy ground, surrounded by his chosen guard. This might be the chance! Adolf’s guards were slumbering; they had finally given in to the temptation of sleep after two nights of keeping themselves awake to protect their captain. Three had merely slumped over in their sitting positions, sound asleep; the other two had fallen over onto the ground next to the smoldering remains of that evening’s fire.
The moon’s half crest shone bright on the far east horizon, just above a rocky peak, as Grin, who had already untied the thongs around his wrists, slowly rose to his feet. He turned to assure himself that his two companions were still asleep — they were.
He breathed deeply to slow his thumping chest, then began the tedious process of making his way through the snoring bodies of raiders that lay all about in awkward manners, trying to prevent from stirring them. He finally made it to the other side of the camp and he paused, surveying what lay before him...and looking for his sword.
There it was! It lay on the ground amidst a pile of other assorted weapons, including his bow, near Adolf’s left arm that lay limp, his long yellow nails sticking up out of his finger-tips like needles in a cushion.

Grin stepped over and slowly pulled his sword from within the pile, working hard to be as silent as possible. The weapon finally came free and he gripped it in both his hands. He turned.
Adolf lay before him like a helpless ant. It all seemed too easy, but it never was. This time he could not fail...he could not; he had to gain his own and his companion’s freedom. Anger once again welled up inside him and was at its boiling point as he raised the sword high above his head, the sharp point aimed directly at his slumbering enemy's chest.
Several seconds of silence followed. The reality of what he was about to do hit him hard in his conscience, and for a second, fear almost stopped him; but the motivation to escape and to protect his friends overpowered his emotions. Grin thrust downwards with every ounce of strength he could muster, the jagged blade glinting in the moonlight as it fell...

This post was written by: J.Dub

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