Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Having It All

From the April 4-6, 2008 USA Weekend I saved an article entitled "More money, more kids." Basically the author is explaining that now it is only the wealthy who are able to have more children. She quotes Paul Demeny of the Population Council: "people hurt their own standard of living and diminish prospects for their own children if they have more than two."

It seems that economics has become the primary family planning factor in America. The article concludes that because of the wealthy's lack of economic restraint, they are the only ones who can afford more children. Granted, larger families do need larger vehicles if they are going to travel together. There are also more people to feed and to clothe. But to make economics THE determining factor in accepting what God calls a reward is downright sinful.

Our goal in this life is NOT personal peace and affluence. Our goal is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. Our goal is to live each day in such a beautiful way that Christ and His gospel is proclaimed loudly just by our life. For me, seeing godly, faithful olive plants surrounding my table is a tangible proclamation of God's grace to me and my husband.

I like this quote from Joseph Hall (1574-1656): "It is easy to observe that none are so gripple and hardfisted as the childless; whereas those, who, for the maintenance of large families, are inured to frequent disbursements, find such experience of Divine providence in the faithful management of their affairs, as that they lay out with more cheerfulness what they receive. Their faith gives them ease in casting their burdens upon Him."

---posted by Queen Lucy