Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

The Witch of Blackbird Pond is about a girl named Kit who came from the Caribbean Island Barbados. She went to the New World to live with her Aunt Rachel, her stern Uncle Matthew, and her two Cousins, Judith and Mercy. She had to help with the chores even though she thought the chores were slaves’ work, but she learned to do them quickly.

When Kit went to work in the Great Meadow, Judith told her about Hannah. The town’s people called Hannah the Witch of Blackbird Pond because she was a Quaker and the town was Puritan. They thought she was a witch just because she had a different religion.

One day Kit got upset and went to the Great Meadow to cry without anyone seeing her. There she met Hannah and found out that Hannah was just a kind old widow. Kit then started going to see Hannah whenever she had free time. Soon Kit brought Prudence, a poor young girl whose mother treated her like a slave. Prudence’s father did not rule his household well so he would not stand up for Prudence. Kit was teaching Prudence how to read and write. Kit wanted Prudence to meet Hannah because Hannah was very loving and Kit thought she would be good for Prudence.

Later in the story, Mercy and some other townspeople got sick with a horrible fever. The townspeople blamed Hannah and set off to arrest her. Kit helped Hannah to escape on to the ship she arrived on. Nat, the captain’s son, helped her.

Kit was soon accused of being a witch and was taken to court and accused by false witnesses. Prudence defended her and showed the people she really was not a witch and the case was closed. At the end of the book it hinted that Nat and Kit were going to get married.

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