Friday, January 16, 2009

Compulsory Youth Service Corp

When I went to locate Kim Anderson to tell her about some of the quirks we found in the Magi Hunt, I stumbled onto her blog and website. Scrolling down through her writings I was shocked to be informed of Obama'a plan to establish a compulsory youth service corp. I am too much a student of history to not immediately think about Hitler's Youth that he instituted in Germany. It also convicts me of my need to stay way more informed than I am.

If you want to get more informed go to her site: and scroll down to read her post: "Private Initiative Promotes True Public Service". This is judgment in its clearest form. God bring repentance to us, His people, the church, and the nation.

And one more thought: read Maria Von Trapp's biography and what happened to their children once the Nazis marched into Austria. The next day all their children's old teachers were replaced with Nazi approved teachers and the children started having to give allegiance to Hitler.

---posted by Queen Lucy


blmschaefer said...

WOW – thank you for alerting us to this horrific plan! I actually consider myself relatively well informed, but had not read these specific plans. Nonetheless, I assumed something like this was on the horizon. Thank you again (and Kim!) for bringing it to our attention!

Much love,


Anonymous said...

I am glad some others are concerned about this also. I have been aware of it since Jan 09 and made my voice heard to Senators of Idaho and they still voted for it. Pretty scary. Anna