Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Today is Epiphany. This is the day the Christian church through the ages has traditionally celebrated the wise men visiting the Christ child. We have had fun and some learning with Kim Anderson's "The Magi Treasure Hunt." This has included hiding and locating our stuffed magi and the children then finding treasure each morning in the place where the wise men were the night before. We have also read portions of Scriptures that answered clues about the magi, the star, and the gifts they brought. There are several things about the hunt instructions that need improvement and tweaking so I hope to find a way to contact the author and give some suggestions. For instance, a couple of the Scripture references had nothing to do with what she was trying to teach. But we have been inspired by the wise men's great faith.

Today also marks 14 days left until Barack Hussein Obama takes over completely the reins of power of our country. It is very sobering for me. When I summarized my 2008 Dayplanner, I ran across a quote from him that I had written down. It is from November 4 at his victory speech. He said, "We will remove those who prevent our efforts at peace and unity." It is chilling to consider what exactly that means. Does that mean "Christians" who are so "intolerant" will be REMOVED if they are seen as standing in the way of efforts at "peace and unity"? What peace and unity is he talking about? (I remember when he said that quote I was wondering if anyone was really listening to this clear threat and promise.) And of course, he intends to be at the helm for at least the next 8 years if not longer as he indicated in his victory speech. God Help us All.

Sunday we heard a powerful message from Malachi about God's judgment and we do believe more and more is coming. But we as Christians have hope. Biblical hope is a firm belief that what God promises will happen. God promises to subdue the wicked. In His time, in His way. We were also encouraged not to fear. All this is as He planned and in His control. This helps considerably as the days are ticking down.

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Daisy said...

Wow. We have no tv and didn't hear the speech. That is a very sobering thought.

Sigh. I'm so very thankful God is Sovereign. May we, His bride, be prepared for whatever the future brings.

BTW, just stumbled across your blog. I'll be back!