Thursday, March 19, 2009

Calico Bush

Marguerite was an orphan French girl who was a Bound-out girl in the service of the Sargents: Joel and Dolly, and their children, Caleb, Patty, Susan, Jacob, Becky, and the baby Debby. Also with them was Joel’s younger brother Ira. They were headed, in a ship, to the New World, America, to settle in a new home.

When they got there they met a lot of nice folks like: Seth Jordan and his son Ethan, their Aunt Hespa, the Morses, a young couple with a year-old baby, Nathan and Hanna Welles, and their children, Timothy and Abigail. Ethan and Ira ‘fight’ over Abigail, but Abby liked Ira. The Sargents also found, to their surprise, their house had been burnt to the ground by the Indians. But soon, with the help of their neighbors, they rebuilt it.

In winter, Debby died by going too close to the fire. Her gown burst into flames. It burned her so badly they couldn’t do anything to help her. They all were very sad about her death.

When spring came, Ira and Caleb got passage on a ship and they went to get supplies. While they were gone Joel, trying to do all the work himself, fell and broke his leg. A couple days afterwards the Indians showed up. But Marguerite, or Maggie, saved the day by giving the Indians food. She also created a Maypole, which is a pole you nail strands of cloth to and dance around trying to weave the strands together. Then she met the Indian she had met during the winter and he took the other Indians away.

Afterwards, Caleb and Ira came home with more supplies and before the ship left, Joel gives Maggie her freedom to go with the ship to France. But Maggie decided to stay with the Sargents and the piece of land they owned. She wanted to stay because the Sargents had been good to her and she didn’t have any friends or family in France.

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