Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Redeemed Captive Returning to Zion.

It was February 29, 1704, in Deerfield, Massachusetts; a frontier town is attacked by a party of French and Indians. Rev. John Williams and his family are taken captive along with many others. John Williams’ 2 youngest children are murdered on his doorstep and his wife is killed on the long, hard journey because she can’t keep up. When they get to Quebec, John and his children are separated.

The Jesuit priests try to make the people convert to popery (Catholicism). Many of the children are beaten into converting. John’s older son Samuel converts to popery but after John writes to him and prays to God, his son converts back to Christianity.

John, with the help of Captain De Beauville, tries to bring all his children back to him. John retrieves some of them. Most forgot how to speak English. Some were beaten so much they converted to popery. Finally the captives were released and they went back home.

The attack on Deerfield was the worst attack from the French and Indians. The Indians slew 50 people in their beds and more than a 100 were captured. Some died or were killed on the way, and others were held for ransom or adopted by the Indians.

John Williams had a lot of faith in God, he went through many heartaches but he still stayed true to his faith.

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