Monday, April 13, 2009

God Holds the Key

From this morning's reading of Geoffrey Bull's second book "God Holds the Key". He is talking about the prostration of our soul in worship of God.

"Worship is not in the mumblings of our lips or the repetition of prayers, but surely in this prostration. The invitation is to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness...'O come let us worship and bow down', the psalmist sings and yet just there it is that our difficulties begin. We are not accustomed to this posture of the spirit. Our way in the world is to rule where possible. Submission is irksome. Our ambitions are largely looking for an increase of power." (power could be translasted as recognition, success, achievement, wealth, whatever gives us some worldly advantage, my comment and my emphasis added)

"In the Kingdom the lowliest servant has the highest station, the poor in spirit are the freemen of its city and the meek, the inheritors of its coming universal sway. 'Bowing down' to us, somehow involves an awkward self-effacement, a condescension to lower ourselves from what we think we are to something we, perhaps, should feel ourselves to be. All this arises from a retention of a wrong perspective. We see Him in the distance and ourselves in the immediate foreground, and imagine that we are grossly bigger than we are."

---posted by Queen Lucy

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