Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Guns for General Washington

Early one morning the sound of musket fire cut through a sleeping camp. Colonial soldiers tumbled out of their shelter, weapons ready, and raced toward the palisade . One of the men was William Knox who was hoping to see action. He was excited as he joined the others on the firing line.

The news spread quickly that the British had tried to sneak up to the rebel forces in the fog, but a lookout had spotted them and opened fire and some others had joined in. The British had given up and gone back to the barge and escaped. Everyone went back to bed, but Will was too excited to go back to sleep. It was October and Will had just joined the Continental Army. His father was dead and his older brother was a trusted officer on George Washington's staff.

General Howe was a British General and he was mad because he did not have enough men to go attack the Patriots. Reinforcements were on the way. When they got there, he would destroy the rebels' army.

George Washington was in a fix as well. He did not have enough guns and powder to get the redcoats out of the harbor. His spies told him that the redcoats had reinforcements on the way. He did not know what to do.
Colonel Henry Knox had an idea. He presented it at the War Council. The Idea was that since there were guns and ammunition at Fort Ticonderoga, he would go there and bring it all back to Cambridge. Many said that it was impossible because it was almost winter, but Washington told Henry to go ahead and try. So Henry took his younger brother Will and they set off towards Fort Ticonderoga.

When they got there, they hired men to help them take the guns to Cambridge. They put the guns onto boats to cross the lake. The way was very difficult, but they finally made it to Cambridge. After they got there, in the cover of darkness, they built a small fort on the top of a tall hill and took the guns up there. In the morning, they began to shoot at the British. The British fired back, but the could not shoot up the hill; their guns were useless. The Patriots ran the British out of the harbour and Colonel Knox was a hero.

---posted by Princess Ann

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