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Julius Caesar

This is a play written by William Shakespeare It is believed to have been published in 1599.
Julius Caesar has just killed Pompei and Pompei’s three sons Caesar is asked to be king but rejects. Two men called Brutus and
Cassius are plotting to assassinate Julius Caesar because they were loyal to Pompei and dislike Caesar. They get a gang of men and ask Caesar to come to the capitol the next day.
At Caesar’s house, his wife
Calpurnia has a dream of men bathing in Caesar’s blood. When she gets up she tells Caesar not to go to the Capital and tells about her dream. When Casca (a part of the plot) comes in to ensure Caesar goes to the Capitol, Julius Caesar tells Casca his wife’s dream. Casca interprets the dream into a good one. So Caesar goes to the Capitol of Rome.
When Caesar gets to the Capitol, he talks to Brutus. Everyone starts stabbing Caesar and he dies. Antony, who loves Caesar and was always close, is very mad and angry with Brutus so he collects an army.
When Brutus stands before the crowd, he tries to make it look like it was a good thing to kill Caesar. Then Antony, Caesar’s faithful friend, stands before the crowd and reads Julius Caesar’s will. Antony says that what Brutus did was wrong but is an honorable man. This stirs up the crowd so they are now mad at Brutus and Cassius. Antony and Brutus go to war. A messenger lies to Brutus and says that they are losing the war. So Brutus asks a man to kill him. Thus Caesar is avenged.
This story shows that you always reap what you sow and that God is always there and sees all. It also shows that men should listen to their wives. It also shows planned murder cannot be excused for sins.
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