Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sheer Numbers

Last week I was blessed to travel with my husband to a work meeting he had in another part of our state. There we attended a reception for local dignitaries and politicians. At that reception we were introduced to an elderly couple, the husband was the mayor of a nearby town. It was brought to their attention that we had nine children. Instead of the usual look of shock we normally get, this couple's eyes lighted up and they smiled. They said, "We have nine children too." In the course of conversation we found out that they also have 57 grandchildren and 36 great grandchildren. I was amazed and realized they have over 100 living descendants that they have lived to see enter the world.

The next part of the conversation was insightful. As they spoke with a third couple at the table, they laughed and said, "We have enough for another settlement. We have a doctor, a lawyer, and mechanic, and more." See, this couple was Mormon, Latter Day Saints (LDS). They have a vision, a perspective that they are to multiply and take dominion. They have practical ideas and plans in motion to do just that. We have lived near or around LDS communities on and off for over 20 years and we have been exposed to them, their doctrines, their family lives, and their accomplishments.

Now, do not get me wrong. We are diametrically opposed to the doctrines and teachings of the LDS church. They are not Christians, though they claim that, and they are especially not Trinitarian. But my husband and I talked about what they are good at that Christians should learn from. They are good at building community. I have seen towns they have built out of the desert where there is now a green lush, productive place. They are good at reproducing themselves and seeing generations rise up after them to carry on their beliefs. They encourage their young people to marry young, to bear children, to be productive, and to be faithful to their religion. You have to admit they are way better at this than most Christians. We are not united. We cannot build community. We certainly have not taken a barren place and made it into a productive land for a very long time. We encourage our young people to "find themselves" first and delay childbearing. And we certainly are failing miserably at reproducing generations that carry on the truths of Scripture.

They will surpass us by sheer numbers. Between them and the Muslims, Christians will be a minority worldwide, if we are not already. This fact alone makes me want to shake those Christians who say they are being "wise stewards" by limiting their family size. I did not hear that older couple once complain about the expense, or time, or labor, or lack of retirement funds they had to endure to raise up those generations. Instead of shaking anybody, I will pray and beseech God that He will grant us 100 plus living descendants who are faithfully serving Him. I will ask that God grant us faithful descendants down to a thousand generations. And I will pray that He will bring back the vision to His people to do what we should have been doing with all our wealth in this country by multiplying and taking dominion.

---posted by Queen Lucy


blmschaefer said...

Amen. Having just returned from an extended weekend with another large family - they out number us w/ seven gifts from the Lord, I am impacted once again by the tremendous blessings others are denying themselves. Lord have mercy.

Anonymous said...

With the long view, post-mil view, in mind...God will grant our prayers to be answered with the world being filled with His glory, with His redeemed and perfected bride, the Church. She will have taken dominion victoriously and completely. But because God does it in His timing and in His planned way, there will be huge ebbs and flows in the long process. Noah had only 3 sons and yet they multiplied and look how many descendants they have today!
Don't be concerned Queen Lucy by Christians being surpassed in numbers by the LDS or Muslims or whoever is ungodly!! God delights in taking the small numbers of the faithful and conquering the large numbers of the faithless!
Keep faithfully raising your arrows for the Lord to be used in His hand to conquer the enemy! Those who are faithful in few will then be faithful in many. The number is not what counts (no pun intended!) but God will multiply our faithful children, whether we have been given one or twenty children, in the upcoming generations and God will have the victory through them!
Blessings upon you and your arrows!

Caer Clan said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement. However, the numbers do matter, and what I am MORE concerned about than the LDS or Muslims taking over, is the purposeful limiting of family size by faithful Christians specifically because they do not want the expense, labor, or challenges that come with larger families. Of course people still have to be faithful to raise faithful children no matter how many they have. But taking a long post-mill view only makes the numbers that much more appealing if we consider that God could grant us sooner than later His promised conquering kingdom by Christians taking Him at His word that children are a reward instead of making excuses why they should only have 1 or 2. A Post-mill belief should give us more courage and faith to multiply as He enables instead of shrinking back using man made reasoning.
---Queen Lucy