Saturday, November 21, 2009

Biblical Economics Revisited

One of the reasons we home educate is so that we can teach our children to sift through the mass of cultural lies and THINK in a way that lines up with the Bible. The Bible is applicable to ALL areas of life, not just worship service on Sundays. There are answers in Scripture for all issues of life and civilization. Somehow it seems that Christians, even homeschoolers, have missed the boat on learning what the Bible says on the economy of a people or nation.

So, once again in my feeble effort to state what seems obvious to me, here goes: The government does not produce any wealth. It only, simply and clearly, consumes it or redistributes it. Bigger government, security from cradle to the grave is called fascism, socialism, communism, or more directly TYRANNY. Any attempt at creating a profitable venture by the government has been a HUGE failure. (See Glenn Beck's book "Arguing with Idiots" for an analysis of Amtrak or the U.S. Postal service)

Any time a Christian person (or anyone for that matter) takes money from the government that he or she did not earn by an honest day's labor, that person is breaking the commandment "Thou Shalt Not Steal". This include money for your child's education, food or formula, Social Security--above what you paid into the system, unemployment, cars, appliances, or putting in new windows in your house!!!! When a person does take this money, they might as well march on over to my house and demand that I pay for it for them. It would be more direct and truthful. But, instead, we hide behind the government's forcible stealing of our neighbor's labor to pay for what we do not want to work for ourselves. For those truly needy people, the church and its elders should tend to them, but only with accountability so that the church is not being fleeced either.

This does not mean, that you cannot work for the government, if God calls you to it. However, even that has to be considered carefully. Yet there again, the person should be putting in a hard day at work to earn the pay that had to be taken from tax payers and be a faithful servant in that position so that they can be fulfilling what God is requiring of them in that job.

We live CORAM DEO, before the face of God. We need to stop drinking at the spigot of government programs and handouts and greed and start paying the double duty of repentance. Homeschoolers of by gone days (like 20 years ago) used to understand this. We paid taxes for our neighbors to send their children to government schools and then paid for our own child's education within our home. Now other homeschooler's are making us pay for their computers and curriculum too. Enough already. Enough. Repentance is when we stop doing the wrong things and turn and do the right things. When we start doing unto others the way we would want them to do unto us. When we consider the other person's interests more important than our own. When we start to love our neighbor as Christ commanded.

---posted by Queen Lucy

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