Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Conforming to His Death

For those struggling with difficult circumstances, this profound prayer from 17 year old Lady Jane Grey written before her beheading in 1554: (I read this in one of my favorite books by Elisabeth Elliot, "Keep a Quiet Heart", pp. 91-92)

"O merciful God, be Thou unto me
A strong Tower of defence,
I humbly entreat Thee.
Give me grace to await thy leisure,
And patiently to bear
What Thou doest to me;
Nothing doubting or mistrusting
Thy goodness towards me;
For Thou knowest what is good for me
Better than I do.
Therefore do with me in all things
What Thou wilt;
Only arm me, I beseech Thee,
With Thine armor,
That I may stand fast;
Above all things taking to me
The shield of faith;
Praying always that I may
Refer myself wholly to Thy will,
Abiding Thy pleasure, and comforting myself
In those troubles which it shall please Thee
To send me, seeing such troubles are
Profitable for me; and I am
Assuredly persuaded that all Thou doest
Cannot but be well; and unto Thee
Be all honor and glory. Amen."

-----posted by Queen Lucy

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Monica said...

Thank you for sharing this. It is very profound indeed.