Thursday, December 31, 2009

Duty Simplified

Reading in Baxter's "Christian Directory" this a.m. about his description of what a typical day should include for any Christian seeking to live out what he believes. Came across this that sums up my thoughts for the past year: "Love is called the fulfilling of the law, Romans 13:10, because the love of God and man is the soul of every outward duty..."

I keep telling my children that love is the highest virtue, out of it comes all other acts of goodness. Love is the key. The grace of God unlocks our ability to love and then love becomes our highest calling each and every day both in our family life and with those that God puts in our way. Our highest calling is NOT personal peace and prosperity. Love is the soul of every outward duty. I pray that we can make that our focus as the new year dawns.

----posted by Queen Lucy