Sunday, March 7, 2010

Couponing update

I have discovered in my conversations with some other women that there are misconceptions about couponing. For example, some think that if you only buy generic that somehow coupon strategies will not improve your savings. When you learn to use stacking and store incentives and are willing to buy name brands at incredible bargains, you can save money even off a budget that primarily buys generic or store brands.

For instance: I usually buy Kirkland brand liquid laundry soap. For my time, volume of laundry, and cost, that was the best. Kirkland laundry soap sells for $13.79 for 170 ounces. That is 8 cents per ounce. With coupon stacking and store incentives, I got a 50 ounce bottle of Purex laundry soap for $1.99. That is 4 cents per ounce. I was able to get 4 bottles of Purex at that price. That is where doing your homework can definitely save you even more money.

Also the other questions are about the coupon themselves. Some people buy one or two Sunday papers to get the coupons in the inserts. If you just buy the Sunday paper and honestly use the coupons, I think over time it could easily pay for itself. However there are also quite a few online coupon sources. I have had a very difficult time getting those to print. We have only just discovered it is because we have the newer Windows Vista on our computer and the printer downloads are not recognizing our computer. So if you have an older version of Windows you should do better than I have.

Another concern is having to cut all these coupons out, cart them to the store, try and figure out what the best deal is, etc. There are two ways to improve this. First there are a cazillion blogs out there devoted to just certain stores in particular areas of the country that tell you what the best deals are for that week. I use ones that list Fred Meyer's, Albertson's, Rite Aid, and Target deals. If you go to the original site I and click on the grocery store or national store menu spots, you will end up at some of these blogs. They give you what coupons,and with what items for that week you should use. Some stores let you load your store loyalty cards with all your coupons off the internet.

I am still learning. But I saved 20% off our household budget last month and will definitely keep working to refine the techniques that will enable me to continue doing that. I hope you try some of this and spread the news. Economically, no matter what the "experts" are saying, if the federal government keeps printing money and spending it as rapidly as they did in the last year, we are going to see inflation skyrocket and we will have more tightening of our belts. (Remember that when the government does that they are stealing the wealth of its citizens!)

P.S. I added the BeCentsAble to my links list!

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