Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Want My Sunday Stranger

To my dear aunt Lovisa Haney,

I am writing this letter to you so that you may know what has happened to me since I left the ranch after uncle Herber beat me for racing Sunday. As I hope you would know by now, my horse Sunday was stolen by soldiers in the Confederate army.
Two men by the names of Porfirio and Juan Sanchez took me east into Mexico. While in one of the towns there, I found out the name of the man who took Sunday. It was Jefferson Coleraine. I continued following Coleraine’s trail, but I could never seem to catch up to him. I eventually met a photographer who wanted to take photos of the battles so people could see how battles were really horrific bloody things instead of these glorious things that people were always thinking they were.
After one battle I heard President Abraham Lincoln give a speech that started with words like “Four score and seven years ago.” This was his Gettysburg address. I eventually found my horse Sunday. He had been picked up by some poor farmers after he had been shot in the leg and ran from the battle. I decided to let the farmers keep Sunday and I am returning as soon as the railroad is built. Please keep my sisters safe.

Sincerely your nephew,
Andrew Laney

--posted by Princess Ann

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