Sunday, January 31, 2010

I saved the April 22, 2009 Food section of the Spokesman-Review. This week I actually followed up on the article about how to save money on household supplies and groceries. The article was about two women who began learning and then educating others about how to use coupons, store incentives, and manufacturers programs to cut their household spending in half. I have had this on my "to do" list, obviously, for awhile. Through their website you can take their online workshops, three for $20 which also gets you a membership on their site. Or you can find a live workshop, many here in the northwest, but apparently some educators are giving them in other areas too. For me, online means I can do it at my own pace and at midnight when everyone else is in bed and I can concentrate!

I have only finished one class so far. Last week I began putting their strategies to work. I do my BIG grocery shopping once every two weeks. Since I am just starting, I did not expect to do too well. But here are my results from one week: I bought $80 worth of groceries at Albertson's for $30.06. Then at Fred Meyer I saved another $64.04. So for a $20 investment into their classes, I saved $114.04. I figure that is a great return on my investment. And if I can just save that every two weeks, my total for the month is a $200 savings. Granted, I am feeding and buying supplies for 11 people. Your family may be smaller and not be spending as much as we do, but if you even save 20 percent on your groceries that would be great! I still have two more of the beginners classes to go through. And then I am going to have to keep learning to change how I shop, how I menu plan, and when I get on the computer. I estimate now that if I spend just one hour on Mondays checking the websites, printing out coupons, and making lists for shopping I think that should cover what I will need to do to keep up with this. As I work it more, I will let you know. But for now, I am sold and wanted to share it with you all. If you have always heard about those women who go to the store and buy $500 in groceries for $75, then this is where to start.

This has become essential to our survival. Last week I also went to get some pine shavings for our rabbit shed. The package used to be 5 cu.ft. and is now 3 cu.ft. and the price has gone from $4.99 to $6.29. Do the math: that is a 100% increase. So much for 4% inflation that the government keeps lying about. Hope this info will help some of you find ways to beat 30-40% average inflation at the stores.

----posted by Queen Lucy