Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Joy in the Morning

Monday morning at the caer and the house is a complete disaster. I had spent whatever time was leftover on the weekend, after volleyball game travel and worship, canning pear jam. Everything else had gone undone. Then the doorbell rang. You know the moment of panic as you survey the damage and realize someone else may see it. "Who could that be?" I wondered.

There he was, one of the young men who has grown up over the last eight years in our 4H club. In his hands he was holding a jar of freshly made salsa and a large bowl filled with fresh garden tomatoes and cucumbers. The bowl had a note: "Stupid deer!" I laughed! "Your mother read my blog!" And suddenly the messy house is completely pushed out of my mind.

I was so encouraged and loved. His mother had taken pity on me, even after all my whining about the deer devouring my garden. And my heart said, "This, this is Christianity at its finest." When we have compassion and show love in such tangible ways, just because we are moved to do so by the Holy Spirit in us, we are revealing the image of God in us. To her, it might have been a small thing, but to me it was huge. "Do not despise the day of small things." It was a cup of cold water and I cannot even express how much it meant to me. Thank you dear sister Jan!!! (And Matt for the delivery).

There are a million reasons to get discouraged in our church age. But Monday, my heart was lifted up by the simple love and kindness of other Christians in my life. Thank you LORD for putting them in my way.

----posted by Queen Lucy