Sunday, March 27, 2011

King's Speech

I know the point of the King's Speech movie is to show the amazing perseverance of George VI and the friendship given to him by his speech therapist, Lionel Logue. However, for me, the story is a sad commentary on the state of the royal family of Britain.

What stands out for me is that Albert's (George VI) parents did not discover a nanny's mistreatment of their son for three years. How can that model of aristocratic child raising be passed on for so many centuries? After all, King David obviously did not have much input into the raising of his many sons or daughters and was disconnected from the molding of their character. Yet, this continues to be how royal children are raised.

Second, at one point, Bertie and his speech therapist are discussing the possibility of Edward's abdicating the throne because of his relationship with the twice divorced Wallis Simpson. The men wonder why he can't just carry on privately with the woman. So they had no moral concern about Edward's ability to manage the duties of the throne even though he was deep in immorality. And as Edward's one year as king demonstrated, he did not manage his duties because he was too engrossed in his lurid affair.

I learned more about the covenantal heritage of the British royal family than I needed to know. It did explain much of the lack of morality of Prince Charles in his treatment of his now deceased first wife, Diana. The lack of decency has been an ongoing story of their family. No wonder that although the United Kingdom has a history rich with Christian tradition, its high court has just outlawed Christians as potential adoptive or foster parents. For some time, through their rulers, this nation has been suffering examples of complete ungodliness. Oh, for one King Alfred the Great to show up now....

Colin Firth's performance certainly made him worthy of the Oscar. It is noteworthy for an inspiration of overcoming difficult circumstances, but Christians should cringe at the underlying revelation of the state of Christian rulers there.

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