Monday, April 18, 2011

Healed by Wounds

You who are called I AM, Holy, Glorious, and Majestic---Is there a balm in Gilead? Is there healing in Your touch? For the wounds You inflict, the grief You bring, the tearing to pieces You cause? You--the Living Word, who came in the flesh--who had hunger pains course through Your veins---do You feel the hunger pains of a soul starved and in need of You? You touched lepers, lame filthy beggars, diseased souls, blind eyes and...healed. You commanded seas and elements and they were changed into calm, delicious liquids. You thwart armies, stop the sun, flood the Earth, name stars.

I have known blazing sunset vistas over salty bays and the wet, slippery skin of my newborn babies and sensed You near for a glimpse of time. And I have not thanked You enough for the millions of grace moments of time---slow motion in memory now but gifts from you. Yet those overshadowed by stress-filled everyday living for thousands of days in between. And I am tired, weary, defeated, worn-out...all that I am not supposed to be. The heaping mountain of pain, insecurities, fear, and hopelessness has crushed. My prayers have been to You. My expectation was all in You.

YOU! ---who knits babies, who gives breath, who designs snowflakes, who thought up kittens, who causes hearts to break. And my feeble arms cannot wield a shield of faith. My weakness shows no sign of Your strength or sufficient grace. And then....

You remind me that a man of sorrows and familiar with suffering came and took up my infirmities and carried my sorrow. A man taken away by oppression and affliction that by Your will You crushed and caused the suffering of his soul until he was cut off from the land of the living. You point out the ultimate paradox...that by his wounds we are healed. And I cry out, "Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me!" (Isaiah 53, Matthew 20, Lamentations 3 NIV)

----posted by Queen Lucy


Keaty family said...

Queen Lucy, dear sister... lean hard on His everlasting arms; there is mercy, unfailing mercy. Although we do not feel it, it is there.

your friend, Cornflower

Caer Clan said...

Thanks for all the encouraging words & concern. I was trying to share the struggle but also the answer given especially in view of Passion Week! But I am blessed to have loving concern for me expressed in tangible ways. Queen Lucy

Jan said...