Friday, June 10, 2011

The Firefighter

He is tall and strong and handsome. He worked diligently and finished second at the Academy. He is determined, steady, sure of his calling. He is intelligent, creative, committed. He loves God and from a young age wanted to serve Him with his whole life. He is calm under stress, unafraid of the unknown, and dependable. He is naturally a leader. And one day he might be the one to show up when you need it most. He is our Firefighter that God has blessed. Congrats JD! We are so thankful for all your accomplishments and gifts being used by God in this vocation.


B. Schaefer said...

AMEN! Congratulations to ALL of you! Certainly an honorable and blessed profession - glory to God!

Caer Clan said...

Thanks Barb! Pray for a JOB now! LOL

Anonymous said...

Success is in their succeeding and is a reflection of the love God has poured out on them through their mother's diligent teaching, instruction, guidance, and love!