Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In the Room

As C.S.Lewis put it in the introduction to "Mere Christianity", we are in a room now and not living in the hall anymore. But the room does not have a fire, and meals are served cold, and there are limited chairs. It is not my favorite room.

My idea of what the room should look like and the atmosphere within are very different from the reality of where we are. I think there should be warmth, kindness, welcoming spirits, hospitality, love. Love is supposed to be the defining characteristic of Christians after all, isn't it? Love that someone can see? Know? Grab onto with their hands? Understand from not words alone but deeds? Deeds like loving one another fervently? Without dissimulation? With considering the other person's interests more important than our own? So what do you do if it is not there, but the room does have truth even if it is served on a cold platter?

I am not surprised by this room. I have been there before. The tenets of the community are very well defined. This room has rules of behavior and some of those rules include mocking, disdaining and scorning in conversation, in literature, and in attitudes home educators. Well that is one strike against me and my family. (There are others....)

When we lived in this room before, we expended all the effort to reach out, to invite to our home, to make connections with the rest of the inhabitants. They would grace us with their presence, but not once then and with one exception now (the pastor), none have shown hospitality to us. I do wonder why God has us in this room. What am I to learn? I know from past experience that any example of reaching out is not going to go anywhere.

So, we honor God by formal worship every Lord's Day, we eat at His table, we benefit from the teaching, we listen to Psalms played at chipmunk speed, we do our duty to please God, not men. And we wait until God works here or takes us to another room.

---posted by Queen Lucy

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