Sunday, February 27, 2011


He ran down the court with a smile of sheer delight on his face. It had been a long season and now the joy of all the labor was written all over his grin. He pushed his more than tired legs to run up and down for one more game...the all star game. He played like he had all season, as a member of the team. He did not seek glory for himself. He passed, assisted, looked for the open man, and played with a desire to make the team successful. Others grabbed for glory, dancing in front of the crowd when they scored a bucket, but not him. He stayed humble.

I watched with tears in my eyes. The long season had brought forth fruit. In his life and in mine. We had talked, prayed, worked, and prayed some more. He has always been a child who wanted to know the rules so he could try to abide by them. It was hard for him to try and work with some team mates who disregarded rules or expectations and played for themselves. He had to learn discipline of spirit and body and soul. To play in a godly way when others did not. To seek the good of the team when others sought their own glory. To lead through service and example, when others did it through bravado, or demanded recognition. And he demonstrated godliness in game after game after game. He kicked himself if he did not reach his own standards or help the team as much as he wanted. He wrestled with the selfishness of others and their lack of concern. He dealt with inconsistencies in men. And he was the faithful, quiet (okay, maybe not so quiet), servant player of the team. And I was proud of him, game after game. But when God granted him the honor of recognition, I was even more proud of the fruit brought forth in his life. He is a beautiful example of Christ, and by God's grace gave forth the beautiful aroma of Christ in every place he played this season. He is my son and I am so proud of him and give God the glory for it all.

----posted by Queen Lucy

Monday, February 7, 2011


Josh Groban's latest album called Illuminations is wonderful. My daughter says it is Indie style, but to me it is just poetry put to great music. I love his apocalyptic love song called 'Straight to You' and his soberly grand London Hymn. His Italian singing is fabulous. Enjoy an afternoon with Josh. You will love it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two or Three

It is not earth shattering. You won't find it on the community calendar. We don't have a waiting list. It is just us, the three of us. We meet once a month for prayer. It is plain and simply lovely to me. I get the inspiring privilege to meet with two other women to pray.

We share coffee and tea and lately some scones. We go over our prayer list and update requests, noting thanksgiving for special answers. We take turns bringing something that God is teaching us and then we pray. We pray for one another. We pray for loved ones, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and for those we know suffering across the globe. We pray for our families, our churches, our community, state, and nation. We pray for God to grant repentance to His people and to bring healing to our land. And we leave refreshed.

These women encourage me with their faithfulness and I get the privilege to gather with them and our Lord Jesus Christ. "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them." (Matthew 18:20 ESV) And I wonder, after all is said and done, if in fact our prayers will be used by God to shatter the gates of hell and build the kingdom of God and in retrospect it will be astonishing what are the results from our simple act of faith.

----posted by Queen Lucy