Thursday, November 17, 2011

No Immunity

Head on over toElisabeth Foss' blog post that helped me a great deal.  I don't have all the outward signs of a child rebelling.  There is no pink hair, drugs, alcohol or other things.  But I have had an offspring make it clear that they do not want to be associated with me, the family, or our lifestyle. And it has been hard to understand.  I was one of those women soaking in all the magazines and newsletters and books on how to be a Christian wife and mama, how to manage a household, how to home educate, etc.  I had full expectation that all the children would grow up and carry on.....I guess I did think they would be immune to the ditches out there.  

So read, be encouraged.  While there may be no immunity, there is grace.  And I am seeking it too.

---posted by Queen Lucy

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Motto!

For a long while our prayer meeting group has had our meetings in a little cafe with a poster that has become our motto.  One of our ladies found pins with our motto on a trip to Seattle. It is very much needed for Christians these days.    This was an early winter gift to me from my daughters this week:

Thank you my darlings!!!!