Thursday, March 8, 2012

Help for Mothers

St. Augustine's Confessions can help a mom out.  How many times have you implored your offspring(especially your son) to listen to you?  How many times have you worried that they weren't listening?  St. Augustine recalls how God used his mother to speak God's words directly to his hard heart:
     "Wretch that I am, do I dare to say that you, my God, were silent when in reality I was travelling farther from you?  Was it in this sense that you kept silence to me?  Then whose words were they but yours which you were chanting in my ears through my mother, your faithful servant? But nothing of that went down into my heart to issue in action....These warnings seemed to me womanish advice which I would have blushed to take the least notice of.  But they were your warnings and I did not realize it.  I believed you were silent, and that it was only she who was speaking, when you were speaking to me through her.  In her you were scorned by me, by me her son, the son of your handmaid, your servant (Ps. 115:16)."

Monica, the godly mother of Augustine, had to have know that her son was not listening to her.  But she was faithful to give the warnings even when her son scorned her counsel.  Even when her son refused to listen.  This is difficult.  We want our admonitions to go to their hearts, but really it was not until God got hold of Augustine's heart and mind and strength that he realized the godliness of his own mother.  God help us mothers to keep on telling our children of all ages the truth of God's word, to keep on giving godly warnings....even when they scorn our lives and words.....

BTW, Monica's experience is not take heart.

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