Saturday, May 5, 2012

High Impact Living

10 to 15 hour days for 10 days and counting, relieved by my husband and us trading shifts.  He takes the night and I have the day. We are tired and exhausted, and yet he does not complain.  I know it is taking a toll on us, but we signed up for this because it is laying our lives down, honoring our parents, following Christ. Deciding for that kind of life means that our personal lives take a huge hit most days, weeks, months. I am acutely aware of the huge impact it has on my children when the little ones cling to my arm as I leave each day begging me not to go because they are needing mommy. I ask God for grace to continue.

In those hours away, I wonder how people spend so much of their lives insuring that they have zero or low impact lives.  Where they choose to let someone, anyone else take on the responsibilities and care of things, as long as their personal lives are not impacted to any degree. Where people choose personal peace and prosperity over sacrifice and poverty.  When we say we love God, and we commit to pursuing Him wholeheartedly, we must expect to have lives impacted by that decision.  Low impact living--where we do not let the poor or needy, the elderly, the widow or orphan interfere with our personal pursuits--cannot be what Paul said was our reasonable service of worship.  It cannot be us as living sacrifices.  Living for Christ means our lives are regularly shaken by what He requires of us next.

Interestingly, I find that those who are living the high impact lives where daily sacrifices are required are usually those who have the most responsibilities already and have the least resources at their disposal.  And I think it must be a sweet aroma in the LORD's nostrils.  But here and now it is draining and hard and requires endless grace.

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Jan said...

Praying for strength and comfort...and yes, endless grace. Thanking God for those like you that choose to honor life.
Love you!