Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My MOM List

Mother's Day prompted me to start my MOM list.  I have listened far too long to those voices.  You know, the ones which tell us that we are wasting our lives choosing the noble profession of keeper of the home. So, with inspiration from 1000 Gifts I decided I needed to start my own list.  It is the one which says what I have learned or accomplished since becoming a mother 27 years ago. Things that I never could have known before motherhood.  It helps that my family is amazing and made my Mother's Day absolutely perfect and they inspire me by telling me in 1000 ways that I am beyond good enough. So here is a beginning of my list.  Maybe starting your own will remind you that motherhood is a high calling, a vocation, a life....and pretty hysterical at times too.
1.  How to function with sleep deprivation.
2.  Ride bikes slowly with little people.
3.  Pack for 11 people for 2 weeks camping trip.
4.  Cook mostly edible meals.
5.  Make a rotating chore chart.
6.  Burp a baby.
7.  Don't hold a baby over your head with your mouth open.
8.  Manage mountains of laundry.
9.  Read one book over and over and over again.
10. Stay calm when there is lots of blood gushing from an injury.
11. Plan and enjoy tea parties.
12. Make large quantities of food.
13. Stay calm when child holds breath and passes out. They start breathing again then.
14. Sew late into night Christmas Eve.
15. Patch holey jeans.
16. Use the 5 S's to get REALLY FUSSY baby to rest.
17. How to push/pull two carts at store: one with kids, one with groceries.
18. Put makeup on in 2 minutes or less.
19. Live with "lived in" look not Martha Stewart look.
20. Making a bed every day is simple way to feel organized.
21. Grape tylenol is not pretty second time around.
22. There really is a person manning the phones at the Poison Control hotline.
23. A box turtle eats hamburger.
24. Little boys chew toast into gun shapes.
25. Kids know when someone is breathing in "their" space.
26. Ice packs are essential items for your freezer.
27. Neosporin is essential item for your medicine cabinet.
28. Crisco and Milk of Magnesia do work on VERY BAD diaper rashes.

To be continued....What's on your list?   

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Monica said...

Love your list :)