Thursday, December 27, 2012

Deeds of Love

It started two weeks ago or more.  The gentle persuading giving way to persistent and insistent questioning.  What was he going to do?  The brother who had moved out being pressured to keep his promise to the little sister to have a "sleep over".  She decided that the time to do that would be Christmas Eve.  He had his own plans.  Yet she continued to press him, and he would discuss it in vague terms, hoping to put her off so he could arrange it for a different night.  What was he going to do?  Would he keep to his own plans, whatever they were---even if it was to surprise her and the rest of the family with something BIG?  Would he do the sleep over on a different day than she wanted?  Would he, God forbid, stand in the kitchen and tell her he was never spending another Christmas morning with her because she was so needy and wanting him?  And break her heart?

That brother, that son, did something wonderful.  He understands that love, according to the the Savior he loves, is laying down your own life, your own plans, your own desires, your own "want to" for another.  That Christ taught we are to love not in word only but in deed, but even more importantly in the heart.  Especially to our own, our family...that is what Christ asks of us and showed us. Not out of obligation, but out of wanting to... So he did something amazing, sacrificial, loving, a laying down of his life for her...he came Christmas Eve, he listened to the concert his siblings gave, he sang the Christmas songs and hymns, he spread out his bedding on the floor next to her bed and he slept, uncomfortable, but near to her and he gave her the best gift he could have ever given her...he gave her himself, his love, his life.  He made her "want to" his own.  And I said to him, "Isn't it wonderful to be wanted?"  He nodded yes and smiled.  He understood and He is blessed because of it.  And a little girl will always remember when he did that for her and when she is older she will realize more and more what a precious gift it be beloved.  And she will know better how Christ loves her because her older brother showed her in a real, tangible, incredible way.

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