Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quote of the Day

One of my presents for Mother's Day was a book by Philip Yancey titled Disappointment with God.  I will do a book review of it in a later post, but I am being exposed to T.S. Eliot by quite a few quotes of his in this book.  Here is the one that hit me today:

"To believe in the supernatural is not simply to believe that after living a successful, material, and fairly virtuous life here one will continue to exist in the best-possible substitute for this world, or that after living a starved and stunted life here one will be compensated with all the good things one has gone without: it is to believe that the supernatural is the greatest reality here and now."

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My MOM List

Mother's Day prompted me to start my MOM list.  I have listened far too long to those voices.  You know, the ones which tell us that we are wasting our lives choosing the noble profession of keeper of the home. So, with inspiration from 1000 Gifts I decided I needed to start my own list.  It is the one which says what I have learned or accomplished since becoming a mother 27 years ago. Things that I never could have known before motherhood.  It helps that my family is amazing and made my Mother's Day absolutely perfect and they inspire me by telling me in 1000 ways that I am beyond good enough. So here is a beginning of my list.  Maybe starting your own will remind you that motherhood is a high calling, a vocation, a life....and pretty hysterical at times too.
1.  How to function with sleep deprivation.
2.  Ride bikes slowly with little people.
3.  Pack for 11 people for 2 weeks camping trip.
4.  Cook mostly edible meals.
5.  Make a rotating chore chart.
6.  Burp a baby.
7.  Don't hold a baby over your head with your mouth open.
8.  Manage mountains of laundry.
9.  Read one book over and over and over again.
10. Stay calm when there is lots of blood gushing from an injury.
11. Plan and enjoy tea parties.
12. Make large quantities of food.
13. Stay calm when child holds breath and passes out. They start breathing again then.
14. Sew late into night Christmas Eve.
15. Patch holey jeans.
16. Use the 5 S's to get REALLY FUSSY baby to rest.
17. How to push/pull two carts at store: one with kids, one with groceries.
18. Put makeup on in 2 minutes or less.
19. Live with "lived in" look not Martha Stewart look.
20. Making a bed every day is simple way to feel organized.
21. Grape tylenol is not pretty second time around.
22. There really is a person manning the phones at the Poison Control hotline.
23. A box turtle eats hamburger.
24. Little boys chew toast into gun shapes.
25. Kids know when someone is breathing in "their" space.
26. Ice packs are essential items for your freezer.
27. Neosporin is essential item for your medicine cabinet.
28. Crisco and Milk of Magnesia do work on VERY BAD diaper rashes.

To be continued....What's on your list?   

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Are There Any Questions Now?

In a recent Washington Times article, Mr. Obama and his regime make it clear who they are and with what historical thread they identify.  Read This to learn that our President finally removes any mask and reveals his true identity.  And then pick up Whittaker Chambers' book Witness to understand what some of the ramifications are.  Chambers said 60 years ago that Christians are on the losing side of this battle and that most Americans are clueless as to what is really going on right in front of them.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

High Impact Living

10 to 15 hour days for 10 days and counting, relieved by my husband and us trading shifts.  He takes the night and I have the day. We are tired and exhausted, and yet he does not complain.  I know it is taking a toll on us, but we signed up for this because it is laying our lives down, honoring our parents, following Christ. Deciding for that kind of life means that our personal lives take a huge hit most days, weeks, months. I am acutely aware of the huge impact it has on my children when the little ones cling to my arm as I leave each day begging me not to go because they are needing mommy. I ask God for grace to continue.

In those hours away, I wonder how people spend so much of their lives insuring that they have zero or low impact lives.  Where they choose to let someone, anyone else take on the responsibilities and care of things, as long as their personal lives are not impacted to any degree. Where people choose personal peace and prosperity over sacrifice and poverty.  When we say we love God, and we commit to pursuing Him wholeheartedly, we must expect to have lives impacted by that decision.  Low impact living--where we do not let the poor or needy, the elderly, the widow or orphan interfere with our personal pursuits--cannot be what Paul said was our reasonable service of worship.  It cannot be us as living sacrifices.  Living for Christ means our lives are regularly shaken by what He requires of us next.

Interestingly, I find that those who are living the high impact lives where daily sacrifices are required are usually those who have the most responsibilities already and have the least resources at their disposal.  And I think it must be a sweet aroma in the LORD's nostrils.  But here and now it is draining and hard and requires endless grace.