Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Imago Dei

For 10 days at the Caer, a huge and difficult project has been under way.

And so it goes...a project we all thought would last for a week grueling conditions. Once the shingles were all off, a huge wave of thunderstorms swept through all night.  The next day we were sopping up puddles of water in the eaves and kitchen and garage and sorting through lots of ruined boxes.  Since then we have had 90 degree weather add to that the steepness of our roof pitch and that these men are all volunteering their time and labor to us.  Crazy, right?  They agreed to do this because of friendship and kindness. 

For me, however, I have been overwhelmed by the Imago Dei displayed in them.  The image of God revealed to me and all my family is an even greater gift than all they have been doing.  They have given of themselves: their time, substance, life blood, sweat, labor, and skills.  They have given freely.  Their wives have sacrificed their own "honey do" lists so that these guys can help us.  They willingly took time off their day jobs to work 12 hour days here.  It is such a flood of grace into our lives that I have had to check my emotions daily.  Emotions of gratitude, praise and thanksgiving to God, and shock of blessing from the example and kindnesses extended to us.

My husband and sons have been out there working alongside and learning from these craftsmen.  Not professional roofers, but determined and careful in their work.  I will probably have the best roofed house in town after this.  My girls have been helping me feed and water the crew each day.  Truly it is like a barn raising of old in my mind.

"Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends." (John 15:13)   
This is such a rarity in our life so this stands out not just in magnitude, but in depth of love.  These guys have laid down their lives for us in a very tangible way.  It stands in stark contrast to our recent experiences of attending a local church for a year and a half and experiencing a complete disinterestedness in us or our family. So I am even more astounded by this gift of grace. I see Christ in them, kneeling down and washing the feet of his disciples, coming to serve, not to be served. 
Give thanks with me for their kindness and showing forth the image of God and example of Christ....I don't think they even know how their actions speak these things LOUDLY....and no, they aren't available for any other roofing jobs, I think my roof may have ruined their enthusiasm for putting shingles on anything.