Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fun at the Caer

This summer for fun, the caer residents did this:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weeping for Our Land

We wake up this day to the fact that we are still ruled by an evil man and his cohorts.  And the words of Lord Byron's poem "On Jordan's Banks" echo loud as the financial markets already start to implode and our children's future seems grim.  How long, O Lord, How long?

On Jordan's banks the Arab's camels stray, 
On Sion's hill the False One's votaries pray, 
The Baal-adorer bows on Sinai's steep - 
Yet there - even there - Oh God! thy thunders sleep: 

There - where thy finger scorch'd the tablet stone! 
There - where thy shadow to thy people shone! 
Thy glory shrouded in its garb of fire: 
Thyself - none living see and not expire! 

Oh! in the lightning let thy glance appear; 
Sweep from his shiver'd hand the oppressor's spear! 
How long by tyrants shall thy land be trod? 
How long thy temple worshipless, Oh God?