Tuesday, February 5, 2013

His Own Received Him Not

"He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him." (John 1:11)
"He is despised and rejected by men, a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. And we hid, as it were, our faces from Him; He was despised, and we did not esteem Him." (Isaiah 53:3)

Scriptures are given for our instruction.  I find that they are a great comfort as well.  Christ came to His own.  He didn't come to people who were not His, He came to His own.  He belonged with them and they belonged with Him, but they did not receive Him.  Not only did they not receive Him, they despised and rejected Him.  Then comes the word "we" in the verse in Isaiah.  WE hid our faces from Him, we despised Him, we did not esteem Him. We did it.

How can this be a comfort?  First, Christ knows our grief and sorrows.  He knows what it is to have those who are His own turn their backs upon Him.  He knows what grief it is to come to your own: your own son or daughter, your own parent, your own spouse, your own friend, your own brother or sister...and to be despised and rejected by them.  He knows what pain, anguish, and sorrow it causes when it happens. He knows how we run it over and over again in our head about how it happened.  He knows how we long for the joint that is crooked to be made straight.  He knows how we desire for fellowship and to belong to our own and received by our own, and loved by our own.  He knows because this kind of grief He experienced in a very real and personal way.

Second, Scripture points out that WE hid our faces from Him.  Isaiah 53 says that we didn't find any beauty in Him or comeliness.  It reminds us that we have been the guilty ones of  doing the rejecting.  We did it to Christ and our shame comes from our own guilt.  The comfort comes from something amazing. We are guilty of doing the rejecting.  Yet by Christ, who we rejected, and His stripes...we are healed.  Healed of our guilt of doing the rejecting, and healed of OUR sorrows when we are rejected and treated as Christ was.  This is Christ. The rejected one bearing the sorrow of the one doing the harm.

This is streaming through my mind, trying to weave it into my soul so that I can find humility and healing and wisdom in this Christ who was wounded for my transgressions.  Can I find through Him the grace to bear the grief and sorrows of my own not receiving me?  This, this is the challenge.  To be like Him and be willing to be despised and rejected when He deserved to be received, loved, and embraced.  To be willing to go lower, to decrease and let Him increase.  

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Anonymous said...

Even in His grief He did not abandon His people but gave of Himself for them. Those that are His are His and may have or seemingly have rejected but ultimately come to Him. The challenge we have is to be like Him to accept, to love, to give whether being rejected or not. A difficult dilemma as mere men with our own sins and growth impacting self and those around us and not knowing the true hearts of others as they stumble with their own sins and through their growth as we all strive to become more like Him.