Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Holding us Hostage

The President of the United States of America is holding the American people hostage.  Mr. Obama wants tax increases.  More and more and more taxes.  He was given over 600 billion dollars in tax increases at the first of the year.  But now, he demands more.  Since there are legislators on Capitol Hill who believe the government should cut spending and they are insisting on a plan to reduce spending, Mr. Obama and his administration are now threatening the safety of the American people--- people he swore to defend and to protect.  He is responsible for the release of hundreds of criminal illegal aliens that were being held in detention centers in Arizona.  In actuality, we are no longer hostages, we are now the prey.

God have mercy upon us.  Our own president is loosing criminals back into our streets to spawn fear, danger, and unrest so that he can achieve HIS goals.  He is no longer representing us...he is tyrannizing us.  He uses his power to unleash harm and danger upon his own people.  And would have us give up any means to defend ourselves from them or him.  God have mercy upon us and deliver us! 

Consider what this action indicates about the lengths this man and his supporters are willing to go to induce compliance on the parts of U.S.citizens.... and over a budget bill!!!!  God help us!  Read the Declaration of Independence and the list of abuses that our forefathers wrote about during their time.  We have a ruler who cares not for the safety of his citizens at all.  God have mercy upon us!  

The outrage of Americans should be so HUGE and CLEAR that we will not stand for a bully to bend our wills unto his own.  Should men be forced into submission to one man's whims and demands or should men be free to follow God and His laws?  God have mercy upon us!  Pray for the citizens of Arizona and all of our land where our lives, property, and liberty are now threatened due to the actions of our own president.   


Jan said...

This post is so very true! This President is out of control, believing there is nothing to stop him in his destructive ways. To use the old cliche' - "the silence is deafening"! Where is the outrage!! Yes, may God have mercy!

Thank you for your voice! I will not bend!

Caer Clan said...

Jan, this is personal...I have lots of extended family down in Arizona. I have heard first hand the very real danger present to my loved ones, citizens of the USA. How the cartels race on the interstate down between Tucson and Phoenix having gun battles. How ranchers, citizens of the USA, and their families have been shot dead when they stood up to these foreign criminals trespassing on our borders. And How when our President should call out the Marines to defend us and our sovereignty, he allows these criminals to perpetrate such acts against our own and refuses to lift a finger to protect them. Then he releases convicted illegal aliens back into the public and claims they are not "hard" criminals. All the while paying overtime to the detention center employees to process the releases. Where is the sanity left in our land??? thanks for having some:) Praying alongside of you for God's mercy.

Jan said...

Praying now, with tears....