Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Socialist State of North Idaho

Let's be clear.  Socialist governments hold elections.  Those elected officials then decide what they believe to be best for the society.  Translation:  they get to tell everyone else what the rules are going to be and how to live.  They will pass and enforce laws to make you do what they decide.  The socialist rulers believe THEY are the ones who should decide for everyone else what is "good" for them and society.  Socialist officials are the elite;  the common people simply do not know what is "good" for them or "in their best interests".  Common people do not get to be free to follow their conscience, ONLY the rulers and the ones who agree with them.

Historically, socialist governments tend to slide into communist ones.  The ruling socialists get tired of putting up with elections and the public meetings where the common people voice their opinions.  So, they do away with elections, because it is "in the best interests" of the people and start ruling anyways and telling everyone else what to do because it is "good" for them.  It helps if they have some muscle behind the transition and openly and outwardly force compliance with the ruling committee's ordinances.  But make no mistake about it.  The only difference between the socialists and the communists is elections; both forms of government decide and tell all the rest of the individuals in a society what to do, how to live, and how it is going to be.  In either case representative government is obsolete and freedom of life, liberty, and conscience no longer exist.

Last night, the Coeur D'Alene city council members voted 5-1 to adopt and to begin to enforce an ordinance to protect the gay and lesbian and transgender population from "discrimination".  This was done in opposition to the majority of about 400 people denouncing the proposal and informing the council that they did not want it here.  Council members had obviously made up their minds before the public meeting to adopt the ordinance.  They made it clear that they were doing what was "in the best interests" of everyone in the community.  Do you see a similarity here to the description above of socialist rulers?  Those council members are clear cut socialists and have no thought of representing the majority of their constituents.  Their sole purpose was to enforce their beliefs on the society we live in. They made the decision for the rest of us, ignoring the multitude of voices raised up in opposition.  

We need to be clear!!  We live in a socialist state where the elite, elected officials do not represent the people, but rather decide to force everyone to follow what they deem "good" for us.   One "common" man said that this ordinance will be used as a "sword not a shield".  Across the country these types of ordinances have been used as swords against business people who refused to sell goods or services to gay and lesbians.  Business owners have been taken to court and have judges tell them they HAVE TO do business with the homosexuals.  Where is the freedom in that?  O! I forgot; socialism is freedom for the officials and those who support and agree with them.  It is freedom for the intellectuals and liberals and elite and special interest groups.  It is NOT freedom for anyone else.  Welcome to the Socialist State of North Idaho people.  Don't come here if you want freedom of conscience or liberty.  The elected officials declared last night that you won't get any of that here.

3 comments: said...

Complaining that this law is wrong and socialist because the majority doesn't want it (which seemed to be the implicit line of reasoning in the second to last paragraph, and elsewhere) seems like a weak argument to me since we know that rulers often have to do what is unpopular and that the ability of rulers to go against the masses is a crucial distinction between a republic and a mass democracy.

Caer Clan said...

I appreciate your input. I suppose it would have been better to argue that the rule of law (based upon God's law) should be the measurement of whether or not the law is wrong. I believe socialism is when rulers put the "interests of society" ahead of any one individual or group. In this case, ahead of what is right according to God. I do have to give thanks that the Christians of North Idaho showed up in great numbers to protest this action.

Robin and Esther Phillips said...

Yes, I agree. Thank you for raising concern about this very important issue.