Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Life Updated

Five years ago oldest son designed this blog and got it up and running.  He did it for me and with me.  The idea is that we would have a blog for movie and book reviews and odds and ends that anyone in the family would want to post.  It was to be an outlet for our "Literary Society" nights where our family shared pieces of writing that we had done during the month (or more depending on the regularity of our meetings).  Some of us used pen names, especially the younger members.   

Like many of my ideas and attempts at implementing them, it didn't quite turn out like I imagined.  My son grew up, got married, and is expecting his first child.   His writing time is greatly reduced.  Of the remaining siblings who enjoy writing, they like to create in private.  Apparently I am the only ranter in the bunch.  Yet, I have felt I should get away from the rant and turn more toward what might edify or be less controversial.  Since my goal this year was to read at least one book per week, I still think some book reviews will be on the agenda.  I want to add some of my own personal Bible study or book study notes.  We shall may end up on the list of ideas and attempts that didn't quite turn out like I imagined.

So I am trying to update the site a bit.  Please be patient as I experiment with design.  

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